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  1. Babin Victor

    Babin, Victor

    Vronsky & Babin were regarded by many as one of the foremost duo-piano teams of the twentieth century. Vitya Vronsky was born in Yevpatoria (then part of the Russian Empire now part of Ukraine). Victor Babinwas born in Moscow, Russia. Learn More

  2. Vytautas Bacevičius

    Bacevicius, Vytautas

    Vytautas Bacevičius was a Lithuanian composer of radical and modernistic leanings. Most of his works are in an atonal idiom of his own devising. He developed a theory of 'cosmic music' and came to regard Schoenberg's 12-note music as out-dated, regarding himself as a successor to Scriabin, André Jolivet and Varèse. Learn More

  3. Grazyna Bacewicz

    Bacewicz, Grazyna

    Grażyna Bacewicz was a Polish composer and violinist. She is only the second Polish female composer to have achieved national and international recognition, the first being Maria Szymanowska in the early 19th century. Learn More

  4. Johann Sebastian Bach from Bach Transcriptions Set

    Bach Transcriptions

    A valuable collection that reunites old and introuvable transcription of Bach works made by famous pianist and composer. Learn More

  5. Agathe Backer-Grondahl

    Backer Grondahl, Agathe

    Agathe Ursula Backer-Grøndahl (1 December 1847 – 4 June 1907) was a Norwegian pianist and composer. She married the conductor and singing teacher Olaus Andreas Grøndahl in 1875, and was generally known thereafter as Agathe Backer-Grøndahl. Her son Fridtjof Backer-Grøndahl (1885-1959) was also a pianist and composer, who promoted his mother's compositions in his concerts. Learn More

  6. Wilhelm Backhaus

    Backhaus, Wilhelm

    Wilhelm Backhaus ('Bachaus' on some record labels) was a German pianist and pedagogue. He was particularly well known for his interpretations of Beethoven and romantic music such as that by Brahms. He was also much admired as a chamber musician. One of the reasons for his unique sound is his choice of a Bösendorfer piano for his performances and recordings, as opposed to the more common use of Steinway pianos. Learn More

  7. Tekla Badarzewska-Baranowska


    Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska was a Polish composer. Bądarzewska was born in 1834 in Mlawa. She married Jan Baranowski and they had five children in their nine years of marriage. Bądarzewska-Baranowska died on 29 September 1861 at the age of 27. Her grave in the Powązki Cemetery features a young woman with a roll of sheet music titled La prière d'une vierge. One of her daughters, Bronisława, was enrolled at the Warsaw Institute of Music in 1875. A crater on Venus is named after her. Learn More

  8. Badings Henk

    Badings, Henk

    Henk Badings was a Dutch composer. Badings used unusual musical scales and harmonies (e.g., the octatonic scale); he also used the harmonic series scale from the eighth to the fifteenth overtone. A prolific artist, he had produced over a thousand pieces at the time of his death. His works include fourteen symphonies, two string quartets, several concertos, chamber music, and incidental music. Recently, interest in Badings' music has grown; the German label CPO have committed themselves to recording Badings' entire orchestral oeuvre, and a Badings Festival was held in Rotterdam in October 2007. Learn More

  9. Sale
    William Baines

    Baines, William

    William Baines (26 March 1899 - 6 November 1922) was an English pianist and composer who wrote over 150 works for solo piano and a number of larger orchestral works before his premature death of tuberculosis at the age of 23. Learn More

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  10. Balakirev Mily

    Balakirev, Mily

    Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev (Russian: Ми́лий Алексе́евич Бала́кирев (2 January 1837 – 29 May 1910), was a Russian pianist, conductor and composer known today primarily for his work promoting musical nationalism and his encouragement of more famous Russian composers, notably Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. He began his career as a pivotal figure, extending the fusion of traditional folk music and experimental classical music practices begun by composer Mikhail Glinka. In the process, Balakirev developed musical patterns that could express overt nationalistic feeling. After a nervous breakdown and consequential sabbatical, he returned to classical music but did not wield the same level of influence as before. Learn More

  11. Claude Balbastre

    Balbastre, Claude

    Claude Balbastre (December 8, 1724 – May 9, 1799) was a French composer, organist, harpsichordist and fortepianist. He was one of the most famous musicians of his time. Learn More

  12. Edward Ballantine

    Ballantine, Edward

    Edward Ballantine was an American composer and professor of music. Learn More

  13. Balogh Erno

    Balogh, Erno

    Ernő Balogh was a Hungarian pianist, composer, editor, and teacher. Learn More

  14. Sir Granville Bantock

    Bantock, Sir Granville

    Sir Granville Bantock was a British composer of classical music. Granville Ransome Bantock was born in London. His father was a Scottish doctor. He was intended by his parents for the Indian Civil Service but was drawn into the musical world. His first teacher was Dr Gordon Saunders at Trinity College of Music. Later he studied harmony and composition with Frederick Corder at the Royal Academy of Music, where he won the Macfarren Prize in the first year it was awarded. Learn More

  15. Barber

    Barber, Samuel

    Samuel Osborne Barber II was an American composer of orchestral, opera, choral, and piano music. He is one of the most celebrated composers of the 20th century; music critic Donal Henahan stated that "Probably no other American composer has ever enjoyed such early, such persistent and such long-lasting acclaim." Learn More

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